Adoption Procedures

All dogs that come to Second Chance Dog Rescue are checked by our vet; given their first vaccinations and kennel cough vaccination. They are also given flea and worming treatment. The person adopting should arrange for the dog to receive the follow up vaccination. However this second vaccination may have been done by us if the dog has with us for sometime. In most cases neutering will also have been carried out. It is a condition of adoption that every animal shall be neutered. If the animal has not yet been neutered we will discuss this and its cost before re-homing.

We try not to have hard and fast rules. Each application for a dog is considered on an individual basis, using common sense and our experience of what generally works.

We try to ensure that the dog is compatible with the prospective home owner and consideration is giving to the size and temperament, age and the family.

In consideration of a donation of £140 to Second Chance Rescue, your chosen dog (referred to subsequently as “the dog”) is re-homed on the following terms:

The dog remains the legal property of Second Chance Dog Rescue.

1. This means that you cannot sell, give away or otherwise dispose of the dog.

2. If you become unable to care for the dog you will return the dog to Second Chance Dog Rescue.

3. You agree to be the dog’s legal guardian. As the dog’s legal guardian you have the over-riding responsibility to promote and maintain the welfare of the dog, such responsibility to include:

a. Providing the dog with appropriate food, drink, exercise, companionship and shelter.

b. To home the dog indoors, not in a kennel or outside.

c. Not to tether the dog.

d. Not to breed from the dog.

e. Providing the dog with the appropriate medical care.

f. Providing the dog with appropriate supervision.

g. Promoting emotional stimulation and companionship, with access to other animals and human contact as appropriate to the dog in question.

h. Not to seek profit from the dog by way of racing/fighting/security work, etc.

i. Registering the dog with a qualified private veterinary surgeon and providing the dog with appropriate access to expert advice and maintaining annual vaccinations.

4. You agree to give Second Chance Dog Rescue officials full facilities to visit the dog from time to time, either by appointment or unannounced at any reasonable time and to respond to telephone enquiries about the dog.

5. You will surrender the dog to an authorised official of Second Chance Dog Rescue should the conditions under which the dog is kept be considered unsatisfactory.